Tutuapp APK Download for Android, iOS TuTu App Pokemon Go

Tutuapp APK Download for Android, iOS TuTu App Pokemon Go– TutuApp has become one of the most popular App these days. This is the app, using which you can extend the limits of the Google play store by providing all the applications for free. The onus for improving this App is to Chinese developers. These developers work day in and day out to improve this App.

There are a number of reasons why this App has been able to speak through the minds of its prospective customers. One such reason is the Modified Pokemon Go version that has an inbuilt joystick in it and its presence nullifies the need to go from one place to the other. The users can enjoy it right on their fingertips, sitting in their homes comfortably. Another reason for its popularity is the huge amount of processed tools, applications and games that are the main attractions for the mobile users across the globe.

Though there is not a single App in the world that does not have its own set of limitations and drawbacks and Tutuapp is definitely not an exception, but the good thing associated with this App is that even if it has some areas of improvement, its wonderful features and hundreds of thousands of free apps that it provides has endeared the app to countless people across the globe. This is the App that supports several platforms to not only android but also iOS and this is the reason why its popularity is increasing day by day. In fact, if you are among those who want to enjoy paid apps for free, you will find Tutu a must-download App.

Tutuapp APK Download


Features of TuTuapp

Tutu app is known for its remarkable features. There is a common perception about this App. More and more features keep on adding on this app daily and more and more efforts are put to remove the bug from this application on a day-to-day basis. The top-notch Chinese developers work on this App and keep on making it better with each passing day. This App has a number of remarkable features. Some of these are as follows:

  • A multipurpose Application: Tutuapp is a multipurpose application that replaces several different apps and thereby saves much space in the storage. The official app stores do not provide as many apps that this App provides. 
  • Provides Paid Apps for Free: With the help of this App, you will be able to get the paid apps in Google app market for free. In order to earn coins, points, etc., you can use other tools for the games. 
  • Cleans the Unwanted Data: Just like the famous CCleaner in Android and Ios, Tutuapp does also have its own phone cleaner. And that cleaner proves to be extremely helpful in boosting this device and cleaning the unwanted data, removing unused data, clearing memory, etc. 
  • Works at a Faster Rate than Many other Applications: Just like Xander, Wi-fi data transfer between phones and subsequently it works at a faster rate than several such applications. And for these platforms, the wi-fi transfer is supported” iOS to android OS, Android OS to IOS and even to android OS to android OS.
  • Provides toolbox with several useful tools: Last but not the least, Tutuapp comes with a toolbox that consists of several useful tools. These tools are used for managing contacts, time and date, etc.

Features of Modified Pokemon Go

It is important to know that this is a modified and not an original version. Any kind of cheating in the game makes its developers feel dejected and rejected. If any of the players is found to be involved in any unfair advantages, the developers may immediately ban his or her account. However, due to the availability of a number of hacks and several users out there, it is indeed a tough task to catch each and every player.

How to Play Pokemon Go?

Playing Pokemon necessitates some kind of movement. The movement may be like traveling, walking and hence more time-consuming. But, if you still want to augment its collection, you will definitely need this hack. This hack will enable you to move anywhere in the game while relaxing on the sofa or some other comfortable places.

On the onset of the game, you will see several menu options on top of the Pokemon GO screen. With the help of these settings, you need not move even an inch in reality but still, modify settings and walk around in the game. You can also adjust your walking speed and change between biking, walking or driving. With these settings, you will be able to travel to different locations that are far away. If any warning gets displayed for not driving and playing, you can simply move into the passenger option.

This version does also have a feature that enables you to set a destination and your trainer will drive you to the desired location almost automatically. Apart, you will get notified when you come across any Pokemon. After knowing about the Pokemon, you can hunt it manually. Not only the tools will tell about the presence of Pokemon’s, it will also guide you as to on which Pokemon you should focus more.

This version does also contain several safety measures. It has a safe location feature for preventing your trainer from getting resurfaced at an actual location when App crashes or go down.

Tutuapp APK Download

TUTUAPP APK For Android Download

Tutuapp APK downloads easily for android on the internet. Before downloading the Tutuapp make sure it is from a trusted or not it may add up bugs to your Mobile phone. To install TuTuApp APK on your device, we are providing some tips just follow these easy steps and you are done!

  1. Modify the following in your device:
  2. Open Settings option of the app.
  3. Scroll down to the security menu and click it.
  4. Go to the “Unknown Sources” option there.
  5. Click the check box to enable the unknown sources option.
  6. Now you can download Tutuapp APK, link here: TuTu App Download for Android
  7. Begin installation by clicking on the setup file.
  8. After the installation finishes, you can access all the paid applications for free!

Download TUTUAPP for iOS, iPhone Without Jailbreak!

We are providing very easy to download TuTu App for iPhone other than downloading it from the iTunes App Store. We will suggest that this method is very easy download for TuTu App on your iPhone device.

TuTuApp for iOS iPhone Download

Note: This application is supported in iOS 9.0 or newer and this version is especially for non-jailbroken iPhones. We have a different version for jailbreak iPhones.

TuTu App for iOS

We are giving some basic steps for installation of the TuTu App on the iOS device:

  1. First of all, go to Safari browser.
  2. Open tutuapp.com in Safari browser.
  3. On this page, you will see three green tabs on the page, Click on Link of downloading TuTuApp iOS. The language problem may persist but simply click the center button without any hesitation.
  4. On your device screen, Click the install tab.
  5. Furthermore, you will have to configure your device to download the APK file and run it on your phone.
    • Go to the device Settings from the menu.
    • Scroll down to General settings.
    • Then, go to Profiles option in it.
    • Here you can see various profiles created, just click on tutu app and trust the application.
  6. After all steps done, you have actually completed the whole process.


For all the ios users, the TuTuApp.vip is a very useful Application. It is used for getting the premium access to TuTu App. You will have to pay some amount for the purchase if you have an ios device and you wish to access this.

How to Download Premium Version?

  1. Firstly, you will need to download the TuTu Helper
  2. This can be done by simply scanning the QR Code or paying a visit to the website
  3. Now, follow this path: Settings>General>Profiles>Install profile or TuTuApp
  4. You may have to pay 9.99$ to get the TuTu Helper installed
  5. Open the TuTu App. You will have to register on TuTu App or if you already have account, you can log in directly
  6. Type the App in the search barSelect the suitable App, and click on get button
  7. The process of download will start. You can check its progress in “Manage”tab.Install the App
  8. Now, the App is ready to be used on your device

Hence, you learnt the steps to get TuTuApp.vip mode. We may also call it premium mode. With the efficient and effective use of this App version, you will get more benefits than the regular users of the App. So, try it at least once and be able to experience its benefits first hand.

Pokemon Go 0.41.4 & Pokemon 1.11.4 on TUTUAPP

TuTuApp is specifically a Chinese mobile app store that enables its users to download free, paid or even modded apps all without any cost. Pokemon GO is the modified version of the TuTuApp and here you will learn as to how to install this modified version on both the operating system Android and ios.

Download Pokemon Go Hack 0.41.4 on Android via TuTu App

  1. Open the Android device
  2. Before opening the Android, make sure that your phone is connected properly to the Internet
  3. Now, open the browser on your device and go to“http://www.tutuapp.com”
  4. In order to download its app version on your device, click on the green download button, on this webpage.
  5. If you want its latest version, you can download it manually.
  6. Now, go to Settings > Security and Enable Unknown sources option, after the process of downloading gets complete.
  7. Now, start the installation of APK on your device.
  8. After the installation process gets complete, open the App there. The Pokemon Go will be visible on the top of the list.
  9. Now, you can click on green button, located next to the tab in order to start the download of Pokemon GO modified version
  10. Install the App when the download gets completed
  11. After the process of installation gets completed, you can use it normally just like any other App on your android phone

Download Pokemon Go 1.11.4 on iOS via TuTu App

  1. Open the IOS Device
  2. Make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet
  3. Open your mobile phone’s internet browser(Safari) and in the address bar type “www.tutuapp.com” in the address bar.
  4. You will need taping on the green button for downloading the mobile version of TuTu App.
  5. Now, run the TuTu app on your device. Mind, you will have to verify whether it is trustworthy or not as it is from an external source. And in order to know its trustworthiness for sure, you need to go to Settings> General>Profiles
  6. Now, scroll down to Untrusted app profile.
  7. When asked to trust the enterprise, you will need to confirm this app’s profile
  8. Now, open the App. You will get a display of a list of applications. There, Pokemon GO application will be visible to you
  9. Now, tap on the green button located next to its icon
  10. This will start the process of downloading of this app
  11. Now, open this App and you can initiate playing it in any country, even in a country where it is not officially available

Now, you can enjoy the game to the fullest on both Ios as well as the Android platform. If you use the Mod version of the App, it will help you in so many things.

Solving Issues Related to Working of Tutuapp

Stability and other such problems keep on occurring in TutuApp. But, the good news is that onerous effort of developers has made these problems less severe. Today, coping with these problems have indeed become quite easy. With proper knowledge of the problem and understanding related to the way to tackle these, the issues related with TutuApp can be solved considerably.

Some of the issues that occur in Tutu Application are as follows:

  • Installation-related problems
  • Constant failure in downloading process
  • Not being able to install the downloaded application through TuTuApp
  • Speed of the phone gets disrupted
  • Tutu App not being able to get downloaded
  • TutuApp being downloaded along with Tutu helper
  • Not being able to install Pokemon Go with the help of Tutu App
  • Not being able to install Pokemon Go with the help of TutuApp
  • Not being able to find Tutu Apk on the official website
  • Issues occurring between Non-jailbroken version and Jailbroken TutuApp version

And here are some of the steps you should follow to solve the TuTuApp Pokemon GO issues:

  • Ensure that your device is compatible with the App and TutuApp store. You may pay a visit to the official website of both these to become doubly sure
  • Make sure that you have not committed any kind of mistake in following the downloading steps
  • Make sure that you have configured your Android device settings so that you can install manually the APK file for the Pokemon Go App
  • In order to get the proper and latest version of the App, keep your TutuApp updated
  • Clear few cache memory or Apps from the device, if your memory has been used up high. After it gets cleared, the Pokemon Go App will start working smoothly again
  • If issues with the App prolongs, you can try uninstalling it totally and then download and install it again from the TutuApp
  • Issues related to Network Settings can be removed by resetting the network settings and make the App work better

Mind, the above-mentioned points include but not limited to the problem-solving tricks related to TutuApp. However, one thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that these points will help you solve your problems or issues to a great extent. If your problem continues even after that you need to check your internet connection or reinstall the app completely.